Every working technician should own a good electric file, whether your use is all day long or once in a while. Backfilling is difficult by hand and some other areas are hard to reach with a file such as the undersides and the cuticle areas.

Shortening nails, high shine buffing; natural nail prep and refining tips are a few other reasons for an electric file. Using an electric file during pedicures is becoming a trend. Techs are using e-files to re-shape thick toe nails and with special bits to remove callous. This is especially effective in places on the foot that are hard to reach.

Many nail techs that have perfected their skills with the electric file have also shorten their time, increased profits and it is also a great way to avoid carpel tunnel!

On The Go Portable Drill
Quiet & Powerful
Replacement Hand Piece
Suitable for Manipro Max, KP1500 & KP3000